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Penny Makinson runs the TawnyDun Stud as a rare Connemara Pony Stud – it is possibly the only stud in England and Ireland not breeding with grey Connemara ponies, but using bay & dun (buckskin) ponies so that the foals will not carry the dominant grey gene.   

Our foals will carry the agouti (bay) gene & sometimes the creme gene to produce bay and dun Connemara ponies who will not grey out as they mature – which is indeed very rare!

Penny Makinson – TawnyDun /stud

Our Mares

TawnyDun Aine (Annie)
TawnyDun Aine (Annie)
October Gold (Nell)
October Gold (Nell)
Royal Alstroemeria (Miri)
Royal Alstroemeria (Miri)

Our Stallions

TawnyDun Aengus (Gus)
TawnyDun Aengus (Gus)
Chamness Penny Piece (Leo)
Chamness Penny Piece (Leo)

2020 Foals

TawnyDun Pearl – Born 19.05.20 (TawnyDun Aine x TawnyDun Aengus)
TawnyDun Pearl
TawnyDun Nuala – Born 10.05.20 (October Gold x Tito GoFirst)
TawnyDun Nuala

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Although the colour used is ‘dun’ for connemara ponies in Ireland, they are actually, genetically speaking, buckskin – a dilute of the agouti gene with the creme gene.