TawnyDun Aengus

Resident Stallion

TawnyDun Aengus

Perlino Connemara Stallion
Overheight 15hh with 9 inches of bone
Born 16th May 2015
BCPS Reg No. BCPSS00297-S2
Sire: Templebready Fear Bui
Dam: October Gold

About TawnyDun Aengus

TawnyDun Aengus (stable name: Gus) is a 15hh blue eyed cream connemara stallion with 9″ bone who has absolutely wonderful competition breeding – his sire Templebready Fear Bui has produced countless part-bred connemara horses, many who have done extremely well in the showring, eventing and showjumping, and who has been a sought-after stallion for many years. His dam October Gold is by Castleside JJ (by Westside Mirah) out of Errislannan Hollyhock (by Cuchulainn – Sparrow bloodlines) so her jumping pedigree is impeccable.

Competing in the Pony European Championships in Malmo, Sweden August 2015, Foxtown Cufflynx by Westside Mirah who was on the gold medal winning British team and who came 12th individually, and Millridge Buachaill Bui by Templebready Fear Bui who came 4th individually and was on the Irish team who came 4th. In the 2016 European Championships Millridge Buachaill Bui finished 4th and Cloughreagh Charlie by Westside Mirah finished 35th. What better breeding and results can be asked for?

He will be offered to all mares but specifically pure-bred connemara and thoroughbred mares, with preference given to bay mares so his first progeny will be buckskin.

When put to a bay he should produce a dun (buckskin) and of course he will also throw incomparable bloodlines for jumping.

Colour genetics

EE – Homozygous for Black Factor, so carries two copies of the Black gene.

Aa – Heterozygous for Agouti, so carries one copy of the Agouti gene.

If you know your mare’s colour genetics, follow this link to see the possible offspring coat colours:

Animal Genetics Coat Colour Calculator

TawnyDun Aengus has been graded with the BCPS & he has been tested N/N (Negative) for HWSD.
He is trained to give semen for AI.

Nomination Details: TawnyDun Aengus

Perlino Connemara Stallion
Overheight 15hh with 9 inches of bone
Born 16th May 2015
BCPS Reg no. BCPSS00297-S2
Sire: Templebready Fear Bui

Dam: October Gold

2021 Season Fees

Stud Fee: £300
No Foal Free Return (NFFR); Chilled Semen only.
Collection Fee: £90, Postage Fee: £28

All fees must be paid in advance by BACS transfer:-

a/c name: P.E. Makinson – Sort code: 20-20-37 – Account no: 90741264

Please click the link below to complete the Nomination Form online:

TawnyDun Aengus: Nomination Form 2021

Terms & Conditions

Stud Fees

All Stud Fees for chilled semen for insemination from stallion TawnyDun Aengus are on No Foal Free Return (NFFR) terms (if the mare is not in foal by October 1st she will be eligible for a free return. This does not include collection or postage costs. Substitution of mare on request. The free return must be taken during the following year). The semen shall only be inseminated into the mare detailed on this form and any excess semen should be disposed of. Any other arrangements are made at the discretion of TawnyDun Stud. Further semen will only be despatched on receipt of a negative pregnancy diagnosis from the vet, and a collection and delivery fee is payable for each dose of semen despatched. Payment of the full stud fee is required to secure a nomination.

Ordering of Semen

Full co-operation between the Mare Owner, TawnyDun Stud & the Veterinary Surgeon carrying out the A.I. is essential. It is important that TawnyDun Stud is kept informed of the mare’s progress & is informed as soon as the mare comes into season, and also before the mare is injected into season. Semen ordered by 3pm one day will be delivered by 9am the morning after next (i.e. order by 3pm on a Monday for Wed morning delivery) excluding Sunday & Monday deliveries. If semen is required for Tuesday 9am, then you MUST notify TawnyDun Stud by 8.30am Monday morning. However, because of time constraints this might not be achievable. Therefore we advise that mare owners to make their own delivery arrangement or use their own same day delivery service when chilled semen is required on a Sunday, Monday and bank Holidays.

Transport & Availability of Semen

Unless transport is being arranged by the Mare Owner, semen will be sent by overnight delivery. The cost of this service for delivery Tuesday to Friday is included in the Collection & Delivery Fee. Saturday delivery is extra, and only possible if a Saturday Delivery service is available in the Mare Owner’s area – please check beforehand! It must be understood that there is no delivery by overnight companies Sunday or Monday. Semen can be picked up from TawnyDun Stud if required and in these circumstances there will still be a collection, processing & chilled transport container hire charge but no delivery charge.

It will be the responsibility of the mare owner to return the chilled transport container to the people who collect – see paperwork accompanying the delivery – by recorded delivery. Any chilled transport containers that are lost or damaged will be charged at the replacement cost to the mare owner.

TawnyDun Stud accepts no responsibility whatsoever for delays or the non-delivery of semen due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Please note that all semen will be examined under a microscope for motility and density. It will only be dispatched if considered to be of good quality. However, no guarantee on the fertility of semen can be given since so many other factors are relevant to a mare becoming pregnant.

Payment of fees

The stud fee plus collection and delivery fee must be paid and received into the designated bank account given on the Nomination Form, in full, before semen can be collected . If the funds are not in the designated bank account at time of ordering, then we reserve the right to withhold collection from the stallion.