Terms of Purchase

All horses / ponies / foals are sold on a “sold as seen” basis regardless of whether the animal has been seen in person or just via photos / video footage.

TawnyDun Stud will provide photos / video footage upon request of the purchaser(s) and is happy to provide its opinion of the horse’s / pony’s / foal’s potential, but cannot guarantee that the horse / pony / foal will always be able to achieve this potential.

The purchaser(s) must agree that they are satisfied with the condition of the horse / pony / foal prior to its transportation and agree that no reprisals can be made if the conformation / aesthetics of the animal do not meet the buyer(s) expectations upon collection.

A 20% deposit is required – all deposits taken are strictly non-refundable.

The balancing payment must be paid to TawnyDun Stud in two stages. 50% of the balance must be paid at the half way stage between deposit and final payment, and the final payment must be paid one month before the collection date of the horse / pony / foal. If TawnyDun Stud is unable to fulfil the sale, then the balancing payment that has been paid (NOT including non-refundable deposit) will be refunded. If the purchaser(s) are unable to fulfil the purchase, then the balancing payment that has been paid will be held until TawnyDun Stud has found another purchaser for the foal. When that has happened, the monies will be refunded.

Upon full payment and organising collection the horse / pony / foal becomes the responsibility of the new owner(s) / (purchaser(s) for insurance purposes. TawnyDun Stud will not take any responsibility if the horse / pony / foal does not meet the owner(s) expectations after collection.

TawnyDun Stud takes no responsibility for any transport that the buyer(s) arrange(s) or TawnyDun Stud arranges on behalf of the buyer(s) at their cost. Therefore the horse / pony / foal will become in possession of the new owner(s) upon collection from the stud.

By entering into any agreement with TawnyDun Stud you are agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions.